Creation of the Migrant Youth research and policy Network

Our partner ECYC together with MIMY researchers created the “Migrant Youth research and policy Network” (called MYN). MYN is an informal group comprised of young migrants and youth workers that will participate in discussions and activities related to future European integration strategies and policies that can better support the empowerment of young migrants, particularly those who live in vulnerable conditions. MYN has so far hosted 3 meetings for its members, starting from spring 2021. The first meeting was dedicated to introducing the group members, collecting their expectations and discussing group and moderation rules and discussingwhat would be a good focus of the network in the year to come.

For the second meeting of the "MYN", young people living in different European contexts have exchanged about their lived experiences as young migrants, reflected together on their relationships to space through the use on an interactive world map and started a discussion on their definition and understanding of who is a migrant.
For the third meeting the discussions evolved around youth and migration key facts and figures, under the form of a one hour, very informative, quiz activity. The Quiz was meant to improve the basic knowledge of participants on key terms and phenomenon as well as challenge the stereotypes, misinformation and normative definitions used to describeEuropean youth migration .

For future meetings the group will be discussing youth and migration policy making, will comment and reflect on preliminary results of the MIMY project as well as contribute to the organisation of an itinerant migrant youth festival.

In their advisory role to MIMY, some members of the group have also offered their input into improving a visual task,part of a research activity developed by the Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore within the MIMY project.

Any young people interested in joining the discussions and activities of the MYN network, can always sign up via our MYN project links. You can also decide to join for just one meeting once in a while.To access the full call, please visit:

To apply, please fill in this form:

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout 2021. Successful applicants will be informed of the results of the selection procedure via email within one month of their submission.

The MYN steering group: Rareş Augustin CRĂIUŢ (ECYC), Thea Shahrokh (USFD) and Amalia Gilodi (UL)