MIMY Youth Blog

This blog is made up of contributions from youth with experiences of migration and integration, and their allies, to build understanding of young people’s role in research about their lives. Read more about the Peer Researcher role in MIMY here

The idea of the MIMY project was great. I was very happy to participate in this experience because it allowed me to add experience to my field in the video and film industry. I shot photos a...

- Boutros Sayegh

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The MIMY project is coming to an end and was concluded with a final conference in Brussels which took place over two days. On the first day, the central research results of the different cou...

- Melda Gökbulut- Efsane Büyük

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A poem by Diyo M Bopengo

In the mixture of languages,
we stood and passed a mushy ball like a Mexican wave
playing in the flood of joy by the stream with no ends

We hold the pillar tha...

- Diyo M Bopengo

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