Peer Research Reflections

Thoughts and stories on the journey of being a peer researcher within MIMY.

The MIMY project is coming to an end and was concluded with a final conference in Brussels which took place over two days. On the first day, the central research results of the different cou...

- Melda Gökbulut- Efsane Büyük

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A poem by Diyo M Bopengo

In the mixture of languages,
we stood and passed a mushy ball like a Mexican wave
playing in the flood of joy by the stream with no ends

We hold the pillar tha...

- Diyo M Bopengo

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On 17.06.2022, I had the opportunity to participate as a peer researcher in a Lego Serious Play Workshop organized by MIMY in Holzminden. I was one of the participants in the activities of t...

- Melda Gökbulut

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