Aiming to offer tailor-made, actionable policy recommendations, MIMY will apply a comprehensive mixed methods approach combining secondary analysis with unique qualitative empirical insights.

  • Desk research - literature review, content analysis and mapping exercises
  • Quantitative secondary data analysis – analyses of policy and discourse to examine how migrant integration is framed, represented, contested and discursively constructed
  • Empirical studies of qualitative research - studies on the determinants, drivers, impediments, patterns and actors of integration processes and their strategies
  • Synthesis of findings – drawing of policy recommendations to support policymakers and practitioners to achieve innovative actions and strategies in the field of vulnerable migrant youth integration within Europe

We will focus on the dynamic, open-ended process of integration across three levels:

  • Macro Level: EU Migration Policies
    Reflecting on the European labour market, migration policies and the internationalisation of markets, regulations and digital networks
  • Meso Level: Regional Economic and Social Systems Studying regional and local employment, education, welfare and social relations
  • Micro Level: Individual Practices
    Focusing on young migrants in vulnerable conditions and their agency and resilience strategies, in reference to their peers and families and local integration dynamics

Our research will be guided by a complex conceptual, analytical and methodological framework: