Migrant Youth Integration & Empowerment

MIMY (EMpowerment through liquid Integration of Migrant Youth in vulnerable conditions) is an EU-funded project aiming to improve the situation of young migrants throughout Europe. In order to derive evidence-based policy recommendations, we will examine the effectiveness of integration policies in an interdisciplinary research endeavour. Most importantly, MIMY will put the experiences of young migrants at the centre of its activities by directly involving them as peer researchers through participatory research.

Shots and stories of migration: young people with a migration background tell their stories and share their experiences
Voices of young people with Migration Experiences: MIMY Project Clip Featuring Peer Researchers

14 Partners

9 Countries

11 Disciplines

“Taking their needs and expectations into account, we want to contribute to the empowerment of this vulnerable group enabling them to become active citizens within an inclusive society. Directly involving young migrants as peer researchers and through participatory research, we want to actually make their voices heard in the policymaking bubble.”

Professor Birte Nienaber
University of Luxembourg
Project Coordinator