The main objective of the MIMY project is to better understand and support the liquid integration processes of young migrants in vulnerable conditions in Europe and increase social and economic benefits of and for them.

Based on an interdisciplinary and multi-level approach, MIMY aims to:

  • Analyse the social and economic effects of successful or failed integration of young migrants through qualitative and quantitative data within the EU and the nine case study countries
  • Investigate social, economic and cultural integration processes of migrant youth in vulnerable conditions and the role of institutions in enabling or constraining liquid integration
  • Examine factors that can foster or hinder the integration processes of young migrants within the host community
  • Investigate how diverse social actors and institutions can help to strengthen resilience and resistance strategies of young migrants and empower them to become active in their host society
  • Capture the interdisciplinary synergies within the consortium and provide detailed insights into liquid integration processes from a trans-disciplinary perspective
  • Develop a handbook on good practices to improve integration policies providing evidence-based recommendations for stakeholders and policymakers