Youth Network

The Migrant Youth research and policy Network (called MYN) is an informal group comprised of young people with migration experiences and youth workers. Network members hold an interest in and commitment to supporting young people on issues such as integration, inclusion and ultimately positive social change.

The network will participate in discussions and activities related to future European integration strategies, policies and practice that can better support the empowerment of young people with migration experiences, particularly those who live in vulnerable conditions.

Network members are young people with diverse identities and are from countries including Syria, Morocco, Serbia, Portugal, Moldova and are currently living in countries including Belgium, Spain, the UK and Iceland.

The network was established by MIMY partner ECYC (European Confederation of Youth Clubs) with support from MIMY researchers at the University of Luxembourg and University of Sheffield.

ECYC will continue to develop the network over the course of the MIMY project and beyond. If you are interested in being involved or learning more, contact Rareş Augustin CRĂIUŢ at:

Find out more information about the MYN and our work together on the Facebook page.