Workshop on Initial Research Results in Dortmund

On 21 June, a workshop bringing together local stakeholders and young migrants was organized by ILS in Dortmund. The main aim was to communicate the results of the research undertaken in the frame of the Dortmund case study and to provide space for both youth and stakeholders to reflect and debate emerging topics. There were 18 participants: peer-researchers, young migrants, young people with migration backgrounds in their families, and (non)governmental, local actors who are active in the integration scene in Dortmund.

The workshop started with the presentation of research results by Zeynep Aydar and Dr. Jörg Plöger. Afterwards, following the design-thinking approach, participants formed roundtables to discuss and find solutions to the barriers that MIMY-Project found as a result of the research activities. Participants dominantly focused on themes such as discrimination, language competence, contact possibilities, and legal status. Possible solutions and suggestions were presented as a result of the workshop, which varied from educating teaching staff in terms of sensitivity, and creating spaces for encounters, to connecting various stakeholders for healthier information dissemination towards migrants.