SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny

SWPS – SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny

The SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS University) is a non-public research university and a highly regarded psychology and social sciences centre for research and learning in Poland. Established in 1996, the SWPS University currently runs undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs for more than 16.500 students in its five smoothly integrated campuses (in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Katowice and Sopot). The SWPS University conducts interdisciplinary research within multiple departments (Psychology, Social Sciences, Humanities and Law) and boasts several research centres and research groups. According to the latest national evaluation, SWPS University is one of the best universities in Poland in terms of scientific excellence. The SWPS University is also the first Polish member of international, scientific mentoring organisation Vitae and a recipient of the Elsevier Research Impact Leader Awards 2018. It is also member of European University Association-Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE). The SWPS University’s Mobility Research Group team joining the MIMY project comprises researchers with expertise in migration, development, life course studies and social science research. With the in-house support of a dedicated Research Office, SWPS University benefits from extensive experience in project management and implementation, particularly in EU funded projects, rendering it an asset to the MIMY consortium.

SWPS leads the Work Package on Synthesis, synergies, replication and impact assessment, comprising the synthesis of the research conducted in the frames of other WPs, synergies with the results of other projects regarding migration, integration and youth as well as preparing guidelines and recommendations to increase the impact of MIMY project. To certain extent SWPS University will also be involved in research conducted in the frames of other WPs.

Team members

Photo of Dr. Dominika Blachnicka-Ciacek
Dr. Dominika Blachnicka-Ciacek
Deputy Team Leader
Photo of Dr. Agnieszka Trąbka
Dr. Agnieszka Trąbka
Team Member
Photo of Dr. Magdalena Łużniak-Piecha
Dr. Magdalena Łużniak-Piecha
Team Member
Photo of Dominika Winogrodzka, PhD Candidate
Dominika Winogrodzka, PhD Candidate
Team Member
Photo of Dr. Marta Pietrusińska
Dr. Marta Pietrusińska
Team Member
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