Digital Stories from Université du Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Three short-films were created during the digital storytelling workshop organized in July 2022 by two researchers of the MIMY team at the University of Luxembourg. This workshop was the occasion for three young participants to unleash a participatory and creative thinking process on their integration experiences and personal growth in Luxembourg. Starting from the question “Tell us about a moment when you felt powerful!”, the three young filmmakers explored and revisited an aspect of their integration story in Luxembourg in a very personal way, before turning these into short-films.

Hunger by Ebony

“Hunger” introduces you to Ebony, a young woman from Cameroon who arrived as an immigrant in Luxembourg at a young age. Her digital story is about fighting your way up the social ladder as a woman of colour, with all the obstacles and hardships it includes. Her story is embedded in a more globalized fight of people of colour against discrimination and striving for equality.

“Conflicting Souls”- to belong or not to belong by Billie

This digital story introduces you to Billie, a young Portuguese and Luxembourgish immigrant in search of belonging, but above all, of herself. Billie shares her youth as a Portuguese immigrant in Luxembourg, which was marked by prejudice, self-doubt, subtle categorisation and the evil of all adolescents, puberty. This testimony shows you how Billie navigates through these difficult hardships and eventually finds peace in a society that focuses more on differences than similarities.

“Osez-vous regarder dans le miroir“ by Inèdita

(Dare to look at yourself in the mirror !)
Sometimes in life, we have to find the courage to take the super cloth and the detergent in hand and clean the illusionary projections of our mirrors. Ultimately, ‘Dare to look at yourself in the mirror!’ sets the end of conformism and paves the beginning of acceptance and belonging of one’s true self.

“Voicing the unknown: Reclaiming our stories beyond integration Experiences at a Digital Storytelling Workshop”

Interviews with Billie, Ebony and Inèdita about the collective process of creating their digital stories
- Camera and Editing: Catherine Richard