Lego® Serious Play® from Université du Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

On July 11th 2022, a Lego® Serious Play® workshop took place in Ettelbrück in the North of Luxembourg. During this workshop four young persons with migration background expressed with Lego® bricks their experiences during their arrival in Luxembourg, their individual visions on a better integrating society in Luxembourg and then a joint vision on how all different actors could build a society together in Luxembourg in which all people feel welcome. Each of the participants brought their individual experience into this workshop and enriched the discussion for the joint model. (photos 1-4)

During the MIMY final conference, twelve stakeholders (especially from youth clubs) and researchers expressed their individual visions of a utopian welcoming society with Lego® bricks. In the group of participants, both people with and without migratory experiences as well as living or not in vulnerable conditions were included. The Lego® bricks allowed the participants to use their hands to express themselves, which led to surprising and inspiring results. (photos 5-9)