Multi-Modal Arts Approach from The University of Sheffield (England, UK)

A participatory and multimodal performance arts approach works through the arts to build confidence, explore creativity and undertake inquiry that aims to make positive social change. This approach in the England-based MIMY case studies led to two pieces of in-person (We Need Change, Sheffield) and digital (Becoming Us, Barnsley) art that were shared through public performances, events and exhibitions in the places they were made in: Sheffield (September and October 2022), and Barnsley (October and December 2022). The process of making the art and related events was captured in two documentary films that share the experiences of young people working together to build belonging in their local areas. The films have been screened to local audiences and are being disseminated more widely to inspire others to work towards integration processes through youth-led creative action. This arts-based approach was co-produced between young people, artist facilitators Stand & Be Counted Theatre, filmmakers Sean Lovell and Asma Kabadeh, and MIMY project university-based researchers at the University of Sheffield.

Photos: ©Smart Banda, ©Sean Lovell