Workshop, Art Work & Event from SWPS Uniwersytet Humanistycznospołeczny (Poland)

Photovoice in Warsaw took place in summer 2022 and was comprised of two workshops and a final exhibition. The workshops gathered both long-term migrant residents in Warsaw and newly arrived ones, mainly fleeing from Ukraine. During the first workshop participants were introduced to the MIMY project and to the theme of photovoice (“Life of a young person in Warsaw”) and subsequently they took part in a half-day long photography workshop with a professional photographer. Then they had two weeks to create and choose photos that would present their experience of living in Warsaw. During the second workshop participants prepared their individual as well as collective cycles of the photos, “photo-stories”, working in pairs and small groups. Their photo-stories were then exhibited in the Multicultural Centre in Warsaw. During the opening of the exhibition, young photographers could present their works to their close ones and to the broader public.

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