MIMY Stakeholder Platform

Stakeholder platform as a learning journey

The stakeholder platform was an intentional mechanism through which MIMY could learn in an ongoing way from stakeholder perspectives and insight on the ground, including connecting to the lived experiences of young people, who were key stakeholders in the project. At the same time the research, policy and practice knowledge being generated within MIMY informed the ongoing work of stakeholders. Policy influencing was seen as a continuous process throughout.

This approach to knowledge exchange emphasises that relationships and learning processes that grow iteratively, are adaptive and contextualised, facilitate pathways of impact. MIMY partners developed their stakeholder platform process in a way that was contextually defined and approached the platform as a cyclical learning process, developing a timeline of events and opportunities, that engaged stakeholders over time whilst placing young people at the centre of the process.

The following diagram outlines the main phases of the stakeholder platform learning journey within the MIMY project:

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