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CEU CPS – Közép Európai Egyetem

The Central European University (CEU) is an internationally recognised, non-state institution of post-graduate education in social sciences and humanities accredited in the United States and Hungary, and obtaining Austrian accreditation is in the process. The CEU currently has over 400 faculty members from 44 countries, students come from over 110 countries, the student to faculty ratio is 7:1. CEU has external grant and contract funding of over €13million, and spends over €10 million on research and education engagement. It is a research-intensive university with more than 400 of its 1600 students pursuing doctoral degrees. The Center for Policy Studies (CPS) is an academic unit within CEU dedicated to promoting inter-disciplinary and comparative research, analysing public policy on cross-cutting themes such as equality and social justice; social inclusion/exclusion of vulnerable and marginalised populations; governance, policy actors, and participation; territorial development and social cohesion.

In MIMY, CEU CPS will contribute to the development of the conceptual and methodological framework of the project and to the analysis of policy environment and statistical macro-data. Moreover, CEU CPS will conduct qualitative research among migrant youth and non-migrant local population.

Team members

Photo of Zsuzsanna Arendas
Zsuzsanna Arendas
Team Leader
Photo of Vera Messing
Vera Messing
Deputy Team Leader
Photo of Viktoria Koszegi
Viktoria Koszegi
Team Member
Photo of Violetta Zentai
Violetta Zentai
Team Member
Közép Európai Egyetem
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