My Name is M.

My Name is M.

My name is Musa, I am from The Gambia, and I immigrated to Italy in 2013. I wanted to write a few lines regarding my personal experience of immigration and how did I move my life forward in Italy.

Initially I was relocated into a reception center for immigrants in which I was treated very badly. I was told that the Italian Government was going to provide me with 35€ every day and I was given only 2.50€ per day instead, corresponding to 75€ per month.

Then I was kicked out onto the streets for about three months with no money, food, or a place to go. I found myself utterly alone since I have no one in Europe; my family is in The Gambia. I remained in that problematic situation for three months until I met some lovely people who helped me very much.

Thanks to them, I started going to school and learning Italian. I was also allowed to look for a job. At that moment, I realized that good people exist.

The authorBlack Diamond

This post is the result of reflections and experiences of the group of young peer researchers at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Milan, Italy. In the UCSC MIMY team, peer researchers have been precious; they became passionate about the activities, actively contributed, and provided an alternative point of view to the research team, influenced by their own migration experience.