A New View

A New View

Working as a peer researcher in the MIMY project was one of the most important experiences I gained in Germany. The project is very meaningful in my opinion. It sheds light on an important problem of young migrants in Europe. It was a great opportunity for me personally and professionally to be a part of the project.
On a professional level, being part of the MIMY project allowed me not only to put into practice the theoretical knowledge I had acquired, but also to apply my experience and personal expertise.

On a personal level, I learned a lot from the interviews I conducted as part of the project. It sharpened my observation skills and enabled me to quickly connect with people. It was also a comfort to meet people who had similar experiences to mine. Through the interviews, I got to know many young people. One of the things that struck me was the different experiences that young migrants have had in Germany, especially also in Dortmund. It was very clear that some of them had difficulties integrating into German society, while others achieved impressive success within a very short time.

In my opinion, the reason for the different experiences in both cases was the language level that people acquired during their stay in Germany. It is well known that a person's ability to integrate in a new country decreases if they do not speak the language properly. This leads to difficulties in understanding the culture of the country and communicating with the people of the country. Although many young people attended language schools, they found it difficult to speak fluently. One of the young people I interviewed told me, "You don't learn anything in language school."

However, I was amazed that despite the difficulties, the young migrants did their best to be a part of society. One of the interviews that touched me I had with a girl. When she started talking about her journey and her life in Germany, she couldn't help herself and started crying. It was a very touching and difficult moment for me. At that time, I remembered the similar journey that I had personally gone through, and I felt the hardships that the young immigrants experienced on their way and how it affected their lives. And the problems and culture shocks they experienced after arriving in Germany. Another interview that touched me was a young man from Syria who has managed to achieve great success in a very short time. For example, he has already published more than one book in German. He managed to do this with patience and perseverance. During the interview, he talked about the difficulties he faced and how, by writing short stories, he was able to change the reality in which he lived and achieve impressive success.

The authorJoanna Deeb

This blog post was written by a Young Peer Researcher, who was recruited as a student assistant in 2021. The Peer Researchers with their own migration histories made a valuable contribution to the work carried out at ILS within the MIMY project research in Germany.