Feeling at Home

Feeling at Home

Asma: I never used to think of Sheffield as my home. But over the past few years I’ve really begun to appreciate it. It’s the only place I know to be home. And I love the hills that always mean you get a good view no matter where you are!


Abdallah: Go explore and just keep going never know what’s waiting for you as you can’t see the end of your way. Home for me is traveling and just keep doing my best even when I can’t see what’s waiting for me.



Cristina: In my case, the idea of home evokes a mix of sounds, smells, colours, people and even light.


Toya: I am finding home in nature and places that bring me peace.



The authorMIMY England (UK) Peer Researchers

This blog is based on the peer researcher self-expression of feeling at home through photography. These images were created by young people who are both researchers and have migration experiences, and are part of the The University of Sheffield team in the UK. The authors see their role as supporting the co-creation of knowledge with diverse communities in Sheffield and Barnsley on issues of integration and empowerment.