When I joined project MIMY, I wanted to grow and learn from the whole experience. I wanted to contribute in any way possible and, I did just that. However, after a long time locked up during COVID, I had to relearn a lot, mostly to behave in a professional environment. The MIMY project allowed me to make mistakes, to learn from them without the typical pressure one can have on others workplaces. Being a part of the MIMY project also gave me a boost of confidence because I needed that. For the longest time, I forgot how ambitious I am and I am glad that I found myself by witnessing how helpful, intelligent, valuable and worthy I can be. I feel happy that I have participated because the project was an eye-opening experience.

I've been living in Luxembourg for a time although, I never really felt integrated into Luxembourgish society. I don't look like the typical Luxembourger. Also, Luxembourg is such a multicultural country that it became difficult for me to form a sense of belonging into the Luxembourgish society. Luxembourg is described as a melting pot of different cultures, languages and ethnicities and all that is great. It is, but it is a challenge to get in touch with the Luxembourgers and their values. One might feel integrated into this diversity, though it is equally easy to feel distanced from the Luxembourgish values and culture. Just like that, I just felt like an outsider. Through the project MIMY, I learned, grew and discovered more about the country. I met so many people. It was fun and amazing to talk to them all, they broadened my perceptive. I laughed and learned with them, which, I believe is always important. I discovered a sense of pride to be Luxembourger and the need to be a part of this society and not just a bystander. While at the same time, I became a lot more critical of the ways things are set in Luxembourg. I criticize in many ways the administrative organization, the laws and restrictions in place. Eventually, I experienced situations I would have never in another context. I went to different sorts of events where I met interesting people. I learned a lot about myself, managed to hear my voice and started believing that it has weight.

I joined the MIMY project without understanding the complexity of the issues involved, so I found myself confronted with a pile of questions. What is the difference between immigration and migration? Is the term immigration relevant? What does the concept of integration mean?
Many questions were forced upon me, but at the end of the project, I had answers. However, I keep thinking about those issues and how they shape my reality. Even after the end of my internship, new questions still linger in my brain and I find myself having to question them and unravel them. This experience was the beginning of a journey that I believe will never end. I don't want to close my eyes to the discrimination, racial, ethnic, cultural or religious biases occurring in front of me.

Life is a fight for everyone hence one thing that I am taking away from this experience is that everything is possible as long as I walk strong on my path.

The authorMarie

This post is the result of reflections of the group of young peer researchers at the University of Luxembourg. In the UL MIMY team peer researchers bring their unique experiences of migration, own perspectives and different backgrounds mirroring the diversity of Luxembourg,