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This blog is made up of contributions from youth with experiences of migration and integration, and their allies, to build understanding of young people’s role in research about their lives. Read more about the Peer Researcher role in MIMY here

This article is the continuation of, and above all, the answer to everything I have learned by listening to the migrants who came before me. By listening to them, I have managed to gain conf...

- Marie

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When I applied to do an internship as a peer researcher in the MIMY project, I thought this would be an interesting experience, but I did not know exactly what it was about and what to expec...

- Bogdan

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While working as a researcher for the MIMY project, I felt a conflict brewing in me. I felt how much I wanted to support the participants, to express my sympathy. After all, for many, the re...

- Oksana Breitkreits

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