MIMY Youth Blog

This blog is made up of contributions from youth with experiences of migration and integration, and their allies, to build understanding of young people’s role in research about their lives. Read more about the Peer Researcher role in MIMY here

In 2021, I worked as a student assistant for the MIMY project. I had the role of a peer researcher. The project aims to identify the main problems of young migrants and refugees that hinder...

- Sherin Ibesh

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Integration - a term that has become an integral part of today's vocabulary.

Every individual certainly has an idea of what integration means. After all, integration concerns us all - bot...

- Sevda Boran

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It was on a cold evening that I went for a walk to the city to see this year’s Christmas Market in Szeged, Hungary. I went there with my friend. First, we went to the Ferry Wheel on the Széc...

- Haqqi Amirul

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