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This blog is made up of contributions from youth with experiences of migration and integration, and their allies, to build understanding of young people’s role in research about their lives. Read more about the Peer Researcher role in MIMY here

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said: “What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.”

That’s one of the concepts that emerged during the focus group with people from Albania. Resilience is a vital...

- Irina Denisa Paul

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Migration is as natural as breathing, as eating, as sleeping. It is part of life, part of nature. So we have to find a way of establishing a proper kind of scenario for modern migration to...

- Reida Goberja

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My name is Musa, I am from The Gambia, and I immigrated to Italy in 2013. I wanted to write a few lines regarding my personal experience of immigration and how did I move my life forward in...

- Black Diamond

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